Properties of the Snore Trainer


The Snore Trainer is an app for your iDevice so you do not need an additional device in order to use the application. This makes the Snore Trainer inexpensive (available for just $ 2.99 in the App Store).

Minimal sleep disruption

Since the iDevice is worn on the chest and not on the back, the Snore Trainer does not lead to as much sleep disruption as does the tennis ball.


The app will automatically choose the language selected on your iPhone or iPod. If this language is not available, it will choose the English language.

Overview of the night

A number of parameters are registered during the night: the session duration, the total number of times you slept on your back, the average time spend on your back, and the number of times a stimulus has fired. These parameters allow you to evaluate whether your training is effective. It is possible to learn, even during the subconscious state of sleep. It is therefore not inconceivable that after you have slept some time with the Snore Trainer, the app will no longer be needed to avoid the supine position during the night.

Functionalities of the Snore Trainer


The vibration function is turned On in the default setting, but if you want to see how much you sleep on your back without being disturbed by a stimulus from the app, you can set the vibration to Off.


Most people will prefer a vibrating stimulus, but it is possible to choose a sound instead or a combination between sound and vibration by sliding this slider from Off to On. Since an iPod cannot vibrate, Snore Trainer users who have this type of iDevice can use a sound signal.

Response time

The response time is the delay between the moment you start to lie on your back and the start of the signal (vibration or sound) from your iPhone. The response time is preset at 8 seconds but can be manually adjusted to your personal preferences.