How it works

Snore Trainer will try to help you with your snoring problem. People sleeping on their backs are more prone to snoring and may even snore more loudly. Snore Trainer uses a stimulus when lying supine in order to try to teach you not to sleep on your back.

How to use it

Before going to bed, touch the big button to start the trainer.

Wearing your iDevice

In order to use the app, you could choose to place your iPhone or iPod in a horizontal or vertical position on your chest with the screen facing forward. We advise you to position the device stably to avoid displacement. You can make a choice between several techniques to keep your iPhone in place. You can use a self-made strap or chest pocket on a T-shirt. You can also use an elastic bandage. Some users made their own chest band.

Sleeping position

While you sleep, you can change your sleeping position without triggering the stimulus. The stimulus (buzz and/or sound) has a short delay before it starts.

Waking up

When you wake up, hold the big button for two seconds to stop the trainer. You will now be able to review your night’s sleep.

Save your iPhone’s battery life

Because you should not sleep with a plugged-in iPhone/iPod on your chest, here are some tips to help you preserve the battery life of your iDevice:

  • Start the app with a fully charged battery.
  • Put the iDevice in airplane mode.
  • Avoid running energy-guzzling apps in the background of your iDevice.
  • Set the screen brightness on your iDevice to low.
  • If necessary, use an external battery.
  • Turn off your screen, Snore Trainer will continue to run in the background.

About snoring

Snoring is a common problem worldwide. The prejudice that only old men snore is incorrect. From tramp to billionaire, from pretty to ugly, snorers can be found in all layers of the population. Snoring intensity varies from barely louder than breathing to keeping the neighbors awake. Many people suffer from insomnia caused by the nightly concerts of their spouses. Many people have difficulty starting relationships because of their snoring problems. In addition, snoring problems can put existing relationships under pressure by forcing partners to sleep separately and avoiding vacationing together in order not to have to share a hotel room, tent or caravan.

What is snoring and what causes it?

Why is it that people snore during sleep, but not while awake? The source of the snoring sound is located in the throat. Most body muscles are relaxed during sleep. This also applies to the muscles of the upper respiratory tract which make the throat collapse. If a person breathes through a narrow airway, the passing air will start to vibrate. These vibrations are called snoring!

Why do people snore louder in the supine position?

The sounds of an individual snorer may vary during the night depending on body position. Most snorers produce less noise in the lateral position than in the supine position. In the supine position, the tissues of the upper airway collapse more completely because of gravity. This narrower airway leads to more intense snoring sounds.


Snore Trainer is not intended for the treatment of any medical condition. Snoring can be a symptom of obstructive sleep apnea. If you think you might have obstructive sleep apnea, we advise you to visit your medical doctor for the correct diagnosis and treatment. Snore Trainer is not responsible for any damage or injury while using the application. SnoreTrainer should not be used by patients with a pacemaker, an implantable cardioverter-defibrillator (ICD) and people who are not allowed to wear an iPhone near the chest for any other reason.